01 November 2006

Liberalised skies

Many peole argue that the best way to experience this big country is to conquer vast distance in the general train compartment (either seating or sleeper depending on the time of the day). This is the place where one can observe how the majority of Indians travel. However, for students like, who are busy with classes and submission great help comes from liberalised aviation sector. With airlines popping like mushrooms one can get a good deal from Delhi to Mumbai for, say Rs 1500 (25 Eur) one way. Of course general rules like advance booking apply. I now some of you intend to visit India shortly therefore provide here the list of the most popular airlines. Some of them do not cater to foreign nationals, some do not accept foreign business cards but studying their offers can give one a good overview on locations covered and prices. My sure bet so far was Spicejet, which I has no problems to purchase online so far. So plan your trips, save your money and get ready for the Indian experience.
If you still intend to travel by train (which I highly recommend too) I suggest to read excellent info on the railway system and then try to get used to the official website of the Indian Railways. You will this info when buying tickets in the stations anyways.


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